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Film Chest Vintage Cartoons
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An Amos and Andy. I assume that archive viewers are able to get past the obnoxious racial stereotypes and appreciate this for what it is. a not untypical cartoon of the period. Official films were sold all over the country in short 8mm or 16mm versions,
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Topics: racism, animation
Film Chest Vintage Cartoons
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The Air Race, a 1933 Willie Whopper cartoon from Ub Iwerks. (BxW)
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Topics: flying, airplane, animation
Film Chest Vintage Cartoons
by Seymour Kneitel, Izzy Sparber
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Five children from around the world follow Santa home on Christmas Eve, and decide to give him some extra help around the workshop.
Topics: Animation, Short, Comedy
Film Chest Vintage Cartoons
by Ub Iwerks.
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Jack Frost arrives in the forest, painting the leaves on the trees, pumpkins and anything else and warning the animals to prepare for the winter. An inquisitive young grizzly bear decides that he wants to see what the world looks like when everyone else is hibernating. When Old Man Winter catches him unawares, however, he needs Jack Frost's help in getting back home to his warm bed.
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Topics: Animation, Short
Film Chest Vintage Cartoons
by Max Fleischer
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Gorgeous Fleischer Studios adaptation of the classic fairy tale, featuring Betty Boop's only appearance in full color. Surprise - she's a redhead!
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Topics: betty boop, fleischer, cinderella, fleischer studios, U.M. & M., animation, musical